Track your assets and monitor your inventory.

Blyott’s real-time location tracking platform gives you remote insights into your assets, saving you time and money.

Locate and monitor anything. Anywhere.

Automate asset tracking and monitoring, so you can focus on your job. Let’s show how it’s done.

Used in a variety of industries, for instance




Avoid losing valuable time searching for the right assets or equipment.

Easily locate equipment

Save money. Buy only what you need with clear insights on asset utilization.

View asset utilization

With asset data at hand, you’ll know your inventory and what’s missing.

Avoid loss and theft

Get insights on workflows to improve efficiencies in your organization.

Optimize process flows


Do what you do best, Blyott will do the rest.

The Insights Platform consists of 4 components that make asset tracking easier and more accurate.

Bluetooth Tags

Fixed on assets. Location, temperature, movement tracking & long battery life.

Wi-Fi AP’s with Bluetooth

Receive Bluetooth tag information.
Wi-Fi AP’s, fixed & mobile (4G) locators

Remote Insights Platform

Serverless & scalable architecture. Big “Location” Data analytics.

Customer Apps

Web & Mobile App. Supports 3rd party apps via Rest APIs, webhooks.

Start small, scale to thousands of assets.

Fast to implement: use existing infrastructure

Open platform: easy to integrate

Pay-as-you-grow pricing model

Insights with ML and Big Location Data

Watch how AZ Maria Middelares, an acute care hospital, is using asset tracking with great benefits.

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Using our real-time locating system (RTLS) can help locate your assets, but there’s more: get insights into workflows, asset utilization, live inventory, predictive maintenance, and much more.

Active since 2019, we’ve built a network of international clients via local partners and our direct sales teams (BE and NL).

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